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This document outlines this service's respect for your personal privacy as a user of OurWiki.


All of the text and files that users upload to this site are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license except where otherwise stated. Users agree to this license when they register to use the site or alter content for the first time. Typically that means that the data can be copied far and wide, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, in modified or unmodified form. If you're not okay with that, don't use the service.

Private Data

The following items are considered private data that won't be shared with other users, business partners, or the public at large unless we are given explicit permission from the user to do so:

  • your real name
  • your password
  • your email address

Your Content

  • Your alterations to the Wiki (including uploaded files) can be downloaded and re-used by other services, either one-by-one or in bulk as RSS files.
  • Your public profile information (including subscriptions and avatars) can be downloaded and re-used by other services.

Contact Information

  • Based on your email preferences, you may receive automated email messages for important system events, such as when your User page changes
  • In urgent situations, administrators may send you email directly to your registered email address, even if you've requested no notices or newsletter.

Release of Personally Identifiable Information

This service will comply with court orders to turn over your private information.

Server Location

The server for this Wiki is located in the United States of America in the State of Arizona.